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Hydro-Jelly Mask


Hydro jelly masks are renowned for their hydrating and soothing properties. Made from a natural seaweed extract, they provide a cooling sensation and create a vacuum seal that pushes the mask’s beneficial ingredients deeper into the skin. These masks can be customized with active components to target specific concerns like hydration, inflammation, or acne. and […]

Dragon’s Blood Facial

dragons blood facial concept 1

The “Dragons Blood Facial” despite it’s name, is simply a reference to the deep-red appearance of the serum utilized in this treatment and the trees that it is derived from (known as “Dragon trees”). This resin has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. In beauty therapy, it is known as a powerful […]

Basic Facial

facial concept 224

A “facial” is simply a non-invasive skin therapy that uses various techniques to promote cleansing, moisturising, exfoliation of the facial skin. They take on various forms and use various cleansing & exfoliation techniques designed to improve the health & the aesthetics of your skin. Facials are very popular and are a great basic technique to […]

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