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Henna Brows

henna brows closeup 344

Henna Brow is a form of temporary eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs as well as the hair itself. This create an illusion of depth and fullness in the area, visually filling in any sparseness and this results in a fuller appearance. Henna also tends to provide a […]

Eyelash Lift & Tint

Lift & tint closeup

Eyelash Lift and Tint enhances lashes, creating a longer, darker look without using extensions. A solution is applied to curl lashes from base-to-tip, with a semi-permanent lift lasting 6-8 weeks. Then, lashes are tinted for depth and definition. This treatment offers fuller lashes with less upkeep, eliminating daily mascara use. Our comprehensive course, which is […]

Eyebrow Lamination

eyebrow lamination close up 324

Eyebrow lamination is a cosmetic procedure that tames unruly brows and sets them in a uniform shape for an extended period. It involves straightening and lifting the hair using a chemical solution, which gives the appearance of fuller, more defined brows. The process can also help conceal gaps and give the illusion of major growth, […]

Eyebrow Wax & Tint

eyebrow wax and tint concept photo

Eyebrow Wax & Tint is a procedure that shapes & defines the eyebrows by removing excess hair with wax and applying semi-permanent dye to enhance color, shape, and thickness. The waxing process uses wax to remove hair from the root. The tinting process follows, where a safe, natural dye is applied to the eyebrows, left […]

Classic Eyelash Extensions

classic lashes concept 1

Discover the art of eye enhancement with our accredited Classic Eyelash Extension course. Classic lashes give clients a glamorous look that’s maintenance-free, comfortable, and long-lasting. Ideal for their special occasions or everyday luxury. Our comprehensive course ensures you’ll leave your clients with stunning lashes that blend seamlessly with their natural beauty. Furthermore, this course offers […]

Classic Hybrid Volume Extensions

classic hybrid concept 23

Classic Hybrid Volume Extensions are a bespoke eyelash treatment blending the one-to-one application of Classic extensions with the fuller, fluffier look of Volume extensions. This customized approach adds both individual lash definition and enhanced volume for a textured, natural yet noticeable lash line. It’s ideal for those seeking a balance between subtlety and drama, offering […]

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