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Learn the modern electronic nailcare technique of E-File with Glowing In Beauty Academy

Still using traditional files? Level-up your nail techniques with the modern electronic E-File technique.

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Glowing In Beauty Academy



Learn the modern electronic nailcare technique of E-File with Glowing In Beauty Academy

Still using traditional files? Level-up your nail techniques with the modern electronic E-File technique.


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Glowing In Beauty Academy

Introducing The E-File

The E-File is a device a lot like a small rotary drill that can be fitted with a variety of different tools for shaping, polishing, and grooming nails.

Quite simply, the E-File is a lot more powerful & versatile than regular nail files. However… it also requires more care in it’s use.

This is because the E-File performs simple tasks such as filing-down with less effort and in less time than traditional files do. So it can be easy to overdo it if care is not taken.

However, this points out an obvious benefit. Quite simply, the trained E-File user can perform complex nail-shaping & other tasks in less time than they would had they used traditional files.

This means that our comprehensive E-File course can be a great investment for your nail practice. Once you are trained, you’ll find that your work can be carried out in less time with less effort!


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Glowing In Beauty Academy

What's Included?

This includes all the relevant techniques of E-File alongside how to apply these techniques safety for maxmium benefit to paying clients.

We include everything you need to complete the course including all kit, materials, manuals and of course, our expert hands-on tuition in a professiona; environment.

Our in-salon courses all feature practice with live models in a professional environment!

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Comprehensive Tuition

You’ll be given a comprehensive manual for applying E-File techniques and you’ll practice with high-quality serum on live models!

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Treatment & Aftercare Protocols

You’ll learn all the aftercare & contraindicators you need to consider in order to deliver a high-quality E-File service for paying customers!

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Practical Hands-on Experience!

As part of this course, you’ll practice with high-quality materials & tools on live models!


  • Prepare a treatment area.

    You'll learn how to prepare a salon for your client to ensure a satisfactoy experience.

  • Preparing a client for treatment.

    Learn how to prepare a client for their treatment to ensure their satisfaction.

  • Consult the client before treatment.

    You'll learn how to consult a client before their treament & how to acquire important relevant information.

  • Deliver the treatment.

    Learn how to deliver a professional quality beauty treatment for your client in a commercial setting.

  • Hygiene, health & safety.

    Learn important health and safety guidelines necessary to operate a safe beauty practice in a regulated industry.

  • Contraindications.

    You'll learn important safety guidelines that are unique to each client & necessary to protect your client.

  • Contra-actions.

    Learn important safety guidelines relating to allergy & adverse reactions that may occur during therapy.

  • Treatment procedures.

    You'll learn important treatment procedures that need to be adhered to in order to guarantee a satisfactory outcome for your client.


We are an IPHM accredited training provider.

This means that your your course along with your qualification will be accredited to IPHM standards.

This means your certification will be validated by an international organisation & be recognised around the world!




Send a callback request.

Need to ask some questions or discuss an aspect of our course or training? That’s fine! Submit your Name & phone number and we’ll get right back to you!

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Glowing In Beauty Academy


To take our courses, you will often be required to possess (or train in) a basic set of essential skills.

This is necessary because some of our courses are more advanced and bestow a certain liability.

Therefore your competance in basic aesthetics techniques & procedures is necessary for you to approach these courses.

We offer a range of courses that are suitable for beginners and will help qualify you for our advanced courses.

Please take a look at our Basic Beauty Courses
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The Requirements For This Course Are:

No pre-existing requirements are required for this course!

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Glowing In Beauty Academy


What is E-file and how does it work?

An E File, also known as an electric nail file, is a tool used in nail care and manicures. It’s a handheld device equipped with various drill bits for shaping, cleaning, and buffing nails. E Files provide precision and speed, making them popular in professional nail salons for both natural and artificial nails. They are especially useful for acrylic or gel nail preparation and removal, offering a more efficient and often smoother result than manual files.

What are the progression opportunities once I've completed this?

Once you have studied the E-File, then progression to any form of nail technique is a useful study pathway. For example, if you are mostly versed in Gel Nails, then after studying E-File, studying Acrylic Nails or Builder-in-a-Bottle may be a useful progression.

Is This Course Accredited?

Yes! All our courses are accredited via the IPHM so you will recieve an internationally recognised qualification!

Will I get to practice on a real patient in this course?

Usually yes! We offer full opportunities to practice the treatment on a live patient with your sessions.


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